I actually slept through til about 6:10am but then I was super-tired when I went to bed, and I do have nights like that sometimes.

I’ll warn you now, if you’re on Virgin mobile, Wolverhampton is the town with no internet.

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PCR test sample couldn’t be read so I need to go for another test today.

99% it is not covid but I need a negative result before I go back to work. Also I spose it doesn’t leave me feeling guilty about taking a day off sick cause it is outwith my control and I still feel grotty.

Gonna do some marking and also some prepping for tomorrow’s cover classes. Might try to have a nap.

There are a lot of police in the streets of Glasgow

woah it’s sunny!

You laying low til the heat dies down?

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Looks like I’m gonna have to :eyes:


26 of them?


had a lovely weekend of autumnal walks, pumpkin related foodstuffs and spooky movies and thankfully not too much booze so i’m relatively fresh and dread free today :thinking: gonna get my head down and try to avoid a nightmarish work week and i think we’ll just about make it, guys. godspeed.

your old pal,


Yeah, exactly the same thing. Woke up at a couple of times for ages in the middle of the night, couldn’t wake up at all when I actually needed to of course.

Massive massive hangover paranoia. Great.

I was up until gone 3am unwell. Thought I had norovirus but now I think it was just lactose intolerance. Feel very tired and drained and have a full day of work. Urgh,

The last 2 days of me just eating all the gluten and dairy a boy could want are making feel incredibly ill today….Kids awake again at 5am.
But we are off to the science museum!
#ohgod #pray4safari

Try not to poo yourself.

Or if you do, at least make an amusing post on here about it.


Great news guys!

Can’t believe the Inspector himself emailed me.


Going to send my pin number too to make sure he can pay the money direct


do you reckon if i send him mine he could check for me too please

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I guess he might. Can I take your driver license number and a photocopy of your passport?

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party at slicky’s!


Monday dread was slightly offset by the hour difference still feeling like a lie in.

Sadly, I opened my computer to a crisis that I had to deal with straight away that is going to stop me doing the thing I was going to do this morning that has to be finished today. Absolute shit.

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