Hey pal how much do you smell?



How many days of not showering/washing could you get away with before things get terrible? Assuming you’re otherwise living life normally: changing clothes, applying deodorant etc.

I would feel terrible after a couple days, but I don’t think I’d be outed as a non-washer for a good week, maybe even longer if it was a week without being crammed into overly warm tube trains.

For the purposes of this thread let us assume we’re not talking about extremes in temperature. So mild spring, let’s say.




3 or 4 days I reckon


Do exercise 6 days a week so would be 2 days max


Hmm. Depends how close people are getting. I think day three would be pushing it, if the canteen was crowded or I was in a particularly small meeting room.


Depends where/when I retract my foreskin


yeah i wasn’t factoring in exercise. Shit. What about without exercising then?


I get quite sweaty at night (we have a tempur mattress), so maybe a couple of days.


Think this is a bit unfair on people with fannies


such is life


dunno, 3-4 days I guess


2 Days max. Sweat a lot in bed.


I’ve given up spray deodorants in favour of this dusty rock.
So i’d say I couldn’t go a day before I kick up a pong


i really like that first line


need to get yourself a foreskin mate they’re well useful


dusty rock? pls xpln.




Back when I had beer and meat, 2 days Max! Now I reckon o could get away with 3, maybe 4 if I didn’t run my hair after eating.


run your hair?


Rub my chair