Hey, remember when I said this

And that fucker Lord Lucious Banter laid into me. If anyone knows him irl can you just tell him how he looks like a dick now yeah!!


There was some advert for fried chicken or something recently where it had a cartoon chicken playing about and that was weird…maybe it wasn’t chicken…or an advert. I’m sorry, I can’t deal in specifics

I met him once and he wouldn’t shut the fuck up about rugby and stag do’s


K I’ll text him now

Had he just discovered Johnny Cash?

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Comfortably in the top 5 most boring people I’ve met, DiS or not.

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I may inadvertently be underestimating you with this, but just to make sure


Presumably the follow-up article will address the problematic nature of these bad boys

Weren’t you arguing that they were shaped liked pigs because they had gelatine in them, and he posted a quote from their inventor saying that this wasn’t the case?

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He did not post anything of the sort, he posted some vague blurb but nothing that gave areason why they chose pigs

Can we get @Bamnan to do us a paint of an evil scientist inventing Percy Pigs please?

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Frankly I’d admire him even more if that actually was the reason. Second level stuff.

Anyway my point was, consciously OR sub-consciously, that was the reason

Where is the original thread? I can’t find it.

I can’t either

This is the closest I can find, from the Monday after, where you admit that you were wrong:

Ooh good find! Oh god just remembered joey mahone WHAT.A.CUNT he was the most jumped up indie prick of all the jumped up indie pricks. Proper smug bastard

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What? Nah, he was one of the all time best ones.

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Tell you what contains beef products, This thread!!! AMIRITE? hey, go fuck yourself rfWares!!