Hey there!

I am using WhatsApp.


Not much. WhatsApp with you?


You know what we haven’t had for a while? Someone coming in here and asking us to do a survey for their dissertation. Feels like every other thread used to be one of those.


Decided yesterday that my whatsapp pic is way too flirtatious. Looks like my tops half off too.
Thanks for reminding me to change it :+1:

You’re welcome! I am using WhatsApp.


has anyone tried using signal? should i be using that instead? I am using WhatsApp.

Hi! Paul speaking.

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Fuck sake @cutthelights, I hope you’re pleased with yourself


I need to change my profile picture too. Mine’s a moody black and white number that I used on my tinder profile back in the day. I used to think it made me look cool but when I look at it now it’s hard to escape the suspicion that it might, in fact, make me look like a dickhead. Can’t be bothered to find anything else though.

Don’t worry, lads, I’ve taken a screenshot

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Very easy to forget what your own photo is on there

And then when you remember and see what everyone else is seeing everytime they interact with you on there you have a moment of self-consciousness or I do anyway


I remember beeing a kid in the rheumatology deptmt. When I was 15/16/17 yo. The psychology students would come round with their questionnaire. They would ask me questions, then after the procedure, ask the question again.

I remember telling them what i thought they wanted to hear.

It Was Ok.

rather than it was bad.

Steroid injection into my knees made me really uncomfortable. idk why but it was bad.

Gil! Scott! Heron!

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

not interested

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That’s probably too long to spend thinking about Liam Gallagher tbf


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Balonz <3

It took me too long to work out how to do dat emoji goddamn.

You were so preoccupied with WhatsApp, you didn’t stop to think if you ShouldsApp


Mine is a picture of Nic Cage looking oddly like me, and my status is a gecko because the picture reminded me of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans and the hilarious bit with the iguanas

And yes I regularly forget this, thank fuck I don’t use it for work