Hey y'all remember that band Extra Life? (also Zs, Seaven Teares etc)

Charlie Looker is doing a Kickstarter to fund a solo project based on everything from the comedy of Patrice O’Neal to the writings of Julia Kristeva

Sounds like it could be worth a couple of quid maybe?

This sounds like kind of a lot

I backed this when I first saw it. I would appreciate it if everyone else would back it too because I really want to hear it. :slight_smile:


I assume it’s probably because hiring a 17 piece Chamber Ensemble won’t come cheap. :wink:

I can’t say I do. worth listening to, I presume. which album’s good?

He’s released work alongside a bunch of different projects but the album that got me hooked was probably ‘Made Flesh’.

This is now fully funded :grin: still a couple of days left if anyone else wants in

I actually changed my pledge because I’m quite intrigued by the bonus acoustic album hoping it includes a version of this