HGATR: The Planets of the Solar System

Beyonce/Venus is a very nice fit


Mars is ace, hanging about all red and menacing, god of war like, AND its pals are fear and dread. Bad bastard.

I thought Springsteen and Mars, too

Thread has delivered for me FYI. Keep up the good work.

Planet Nine rated 4.33, please update the spreadsheet

Insufficient votes

When it gets properly discovered I’ll reopen the poll

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No URanus rolls around on its back like a massive prick

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Saturn might sustain life as a hobby (ie on one of its moons).


All you Pluto haters can do one. As a small and insignificant frozen lump several billion miles from the nearest source of light and warmth it is very on brand for me.

Plus it is totally beautiful



It’s levelled off a bit now, but I was hugely enjoying MiniWza’s all-encompassing planet fanaticism phase. Everything all-red was “like Mars!”, all-yellow “like Venus!”, etc. :slight_smile: Must’ve watched all the kids planet songs on YouTube a hundred times each. For a while, when vocab was a little more limited, “Planets!” was the request to watch telly of any sort, it was so synonymous.

Also, when I was a bored under-challenged rascal tearaway at primary school, I was given a planets side project to give me a bit of focus.

This one genuinely brings a tear to my eye:

This is quite a well-written one, too:

Other bangers:


One specifically for the ‘come one, come all’ planetary inclusive crew:

Big fan of Mars and Venus (and Moon) in Sarah & Duck.

Finally, the Hey Duggee Space Badge episode is cool.


Heh. Came home to a planetary delivery. Free BBC/OU poster (download only now).


Wow this is a lot of planetary content. And you can be sure I’ll be watching it all later.

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Here’s a thing:

You could fit all the planets in the space between the earth and the moon*.

*as long as the Moon is at its farthest point from the earth on its elliptical orbit, or if you align the planets pole-to-pole