I’ll probably vote her number one. It’d be worth it just to annoy the whiny crybabies who want to knock a black woman off the top so they can have Radiohead there instead.




Don’t think anyone’s really been saying that have they? (shame on them if they have). The Aretha Franklin comments I’ve seen have been more along the lines of the fact that it’s funny that she’s top when she’s hardly representative of our collective listening habits. I think most people (am I being optimistic) are savvy enough to realise that these rank orders are to be taken, statistically, with a huge pinch of salt.

The order that comes out of this thread will almost certainly be massively different because, of course, the answer that you get to anything depends upon the way in which you ask the question (imagine if there had been three options in the EU referendum in 2016 rather than 2, for example).

I’m going to sit in a corner and mutter about standard deviation for a bit - I’ll be fine again in twenty minutes.


In more exciting news: list submitted! There were 12 on that list that I felt strongly enough about to give points to. Thought it would be more.





Oh don’t worry about me, I’m just being mischevious (note: NOT sexy).

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25 lists in so far. A bit of a surprise at the top, and 12 acts yet to score. Very early doors though.

Just to make your life easy, do you want just band names, or do you want “20pts - Aretha Franklin” (as fucking if)?

This one please.

I dunno, a few of the comments could easily be read as that whether thats their intention or not.

I have 22. The last 2 are going to be fucking cruel. Then I have to rank them.

You monster.


I have voted. Loving the secret ballot style of this one. Wonder if it will make a difference.

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Looking forward to seeing yours tbh. Just got a load more to process first! It’s really highlighting the difference in the artists we really love, there have been a lot of very varied top 5s.

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I expect the result to be very different from the ranking of the individual marks because it is a different question we are asking now isn’t it? It’s one thing to ask ‘how good is x?’ -only an idiot would deny that Aretha Franklin is really very good indeed - and another to ask ‘which of these artists is your favourite?’.

You could easily accept that a certain artist is worthy of a high mark but not put them in your top 20 because you don’t really listen to them much.


Blink-182 gonna storm this one


There’s one act I’d be really surprised if anyone voted for at all but I don’t really want to say who lest some contrary splat vote for them out of spite.

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DM me, I’m intrigued now.

While working on my list a fan fell off the top shelf above me and landed on my head and then cracked my laptop screen :confused:

Always suspected that it would be this thread that would get us all cursed

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This is going to take a bit.

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