HGIIR; EnvironmentalIsm

  • We can stop climate change ending the world and will
  • We can stop climate change ending the world but cba
  • Not really worth it m9s

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GBOL and worth it anyway but ultimately crushed by the man, isn’t it

I sometimes do social media for a small soap company and honestly the sheer volume of young people concerned about their plastic use is fucking astounding.

I get wanting to not cause harm but it’s like a.) welcome to consumerism and b.) you don’t matter

Ultimately the people who have the power to make the kind policy changes necessary across the globe don’t give a shit do they.


Pretty much this

Using reusable bags and ditching straws and going vegan is all great but it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of shit the US military does to the environment on a daily basis and nobody up top gives a shit cause they can just buy aircon for their fancy apocalypse bunkers

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General consensus now seems to be that climate change can’t be stopped because we’ve left it too late. Anything we do now will just be limiting the damage.


But people largely know that right, and still don’t care do they?

It’s like as a collective we’ve just gone hmm, well, we don’t like change so as long as the awful system we’ve always had continues that’s preferable to saving the world.

Attitudes on climate change are clearly changing. For all their shittiness, the profile and membership of XR shows that it’s an issue that is resonating more and more with the public. This means there is space for activists on the left to organise and build support for green politics.