HGIIR: 🍻 🗣 😕 😆 SOCIALISING 🍻 🗣 😕 😆

2nd part of the Existentialist World Cup, which of course will not take place in group stages.

Pros: Loneliness kills, Conquering your anxiety, a problem shared is a problem solved, old friends

Cons: Other people’s opinions, the worry, the misunderstandings, hell is other people - toxic relationships / not so old friends

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When it’s good it’s good when it’s bad it’s bad but also sometimes good


Genuine 1/5, I’m only getting happier the more I ignore society’s expectation that being around other people is a good thing.

Socialising is okay. I rarely feel like I d it too much nowadays, which is nice, and sometimes I want to do it more. That’s why I’m on here annoying all of you people, so thanks for that. Find I value the company of others more now I do it more selectively.

It’s not as good as socialism.

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Don’t do it as much as I used to and therefore tend to enjoy it more when I do :+1:

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You know that thing where you really long for something exciting to do on a Saturday night and then you actually do and all you really want to do is be at home in the warm on the sofa? That.


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Its come as a surprise to me but I like it these days

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When we look at it in context though, a lot of the rites of passage of human life require your closest friends and family, a lot of what we work towards needs people to see or hear it. No man is an island. Not even the Pope.

If the Pope’s an island he’s Little St James

Actual response! A lot of what we work towards is good with external validation, but can be just as satisfying if it is only validated internally.

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I’m a fan.

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Having a sit on the sofa doesn’t really change that.

What about my mate Daniel Island

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Should’ve done a pen island thing

I’ve wittled my social circle down over time to specific individuals who I enjoy spending time with, so social time is fine when I’m looking to get out of the house or have people over.


In small doses, anything more than once a month or so is too much

I miss it now I have nobody to socialise with, but if I did, I wouldn’t like it for very long.

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The HGIIRs are at it again

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Shit for mums and wankers.