HGIIR: 🍻 🗣 😕 😆 SOCIALISING 🍻 🗣 😕 😆

I fixed this for me

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Just can’t imagine thinking “you know what would make this experience better? Other people being here” about anything other than wanking. And even then it’s close.

Do you know what I like? Talking to people on the school run and in shops. That’s a perfect level of socialising for me. Lovely.


if I am in a good place and the people I’m socialising are too and I’m also socialising with people I have a decent bond with, then it can be really, really good

I have to believe in myself first and truly be open to being where I am

Eww, strangers

it’s best when people are disarmingly kind, sweet and genuinely curious about you


No, no, these are people I know very, very shallowly. They’re not strangers, but they’re not friends. Frengers, if you will.

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maybe if I try to be this person more, it’ll engender thia in others more

I will not

It’s probably good if you’re good at it but I’m rubbish so I hate it.


Separately, though

think it’s good but also sometimes scary so i don’t do it as much as i should

That still sounds like too much pressure. I’m out.

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With close friends: great, one of the best things in life
With some family and other acquaintances:one of the most draining and exhausting activities.

Think when it comes to social interaction I take more than I give tbh


Generally enjoy it, I feel like lately I’ve had just the right mix of spending time alone and time with other people. Don’t really like it when it’s excessively one or the other.

Socialising/spending time with friends is what I live for and enjoy doing more than anything else I think. Love it.


you know what’s dead weird is that I was feeling horribly anxious before coming in this thread

but I somehow managed to talk myself into feeling Good About People for the first time in ages as a result


You very much are this type of person xxx


Can’t compete with getting an empty house, could order in a takeaway, could just snack endlessly, could do both, doesn’t matter, there’s no judgement here. Could catch up on some telly, or maybe stick some music on and read, or maybe work on your ridiculous computer game backlog. No pressure, just do what you want, when you want, for as long as you want.


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