HGWIR: Miranda

I understand that this programme divides opinions. Let’s take it to a vote. OK I’m spent how do you do a poll on this?

@Scunner’s poll can be found here:

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(For the thread, TV show and defender)


I’m so sorry, I still don’t understand. Is it BBCode?

Never seen it yet am 100% sure it’s terrible.


Settings cog, insert poll


Maybe I haven’t been around long enough but settings cog only gives me the option to blur spoiler or hide details.

Er… @Scunner

Oh here you are

a legit noob

I think what he’s trying to say is that the HGWIR threads are kinda his thing

Making a thread like this is a full time commitment.

  • Miranda falls over
  • Oohhhg Sorrrryyyyy!!!

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BBC one, yeah.

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It has come off as very aggressive because you’re actually new @tilty , I’m sorry! It was meant to be funny but I’m rubbish


Was Miranda on your list?

Juke is the proprietor of this here operation :slight_smile: he was just joking about you stepping on his turf.

slaps juke round the head ain that right Juke. joking

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I am so sorry I didn’t realise there was a process for this :blush:

nah, didn’t think there’s be a single fan on here, maybe i’m wrong? don’t want the threads to just be a massacre


@tilty that’s weird that you don’t have the poll option? @moderators do you need a permission for it?

I think there are certain restrictions before you post a certain number of posts to prevent spam/abuse.

Just looked they’re a ‘basic’ user so that would be it

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