HGWIR: The Mighty Boosh


good show, the “squint off” is especially great


Are we allowed to talk about this still?

Series 1: Dixon Bainbridge/10
Series 2: Maggot Bhuna/10
Series 3: Dogshit/10

Liked the Big Leg stuff in one of the live shows, “big leg, big fucking leg!” Or whatever it was. Both of them were better in Nathan Barley. Can we do a HGWIR on that please?

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This is one that I really loved at the time but could never revisit as I strongly suspect that it’s student toss.


Has some of the worst acting of all time.

Or maybe that was on purpose not sure.

Thought it was quite funny at the time, but I never want to watch it again.


Can’t wait to vote for a 5 for ‘Darkplace’.


Loved it at the time. Haven’t watched (or even thought about it) for years. Round helping a mate move tonight and what do you know!

I like my comedy silly.

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Has some of the worst acting of all time.

Or maybe that was on purpose not sure.

Noel must have insisted that his brother get a part on the show.

Bit surprised by this thread. I must be the only person who likes it more now than when it first came out.


somehow missed this thread at the time - just want to say having not watched it for years i recently listened to the original radio series and really enjoyed it.

would maybe still enjoy the first TV series. from memory it probably jumped the shark a bit in the second series trying to be too trendy and NME but i enjoyed it at the time. third series was rubbish and i’m sure still is.

a difficult balance for me - really really like Julian Barratt and think Howard Moon is a really good sitcom character, but really really dislike Noel Fielding, who basically plays himself.


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“You will take with you…Tony Harrison.”


Hello meths


“He has a gift for strategy.”

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I enjoyed it at the time and Naboo works as a barista where I work. Makes a decent cuppa.

Not sure I could watch it now without cringing my knackers off.


It was good enough to create a market for the badges I sold on eBay during peak Boosh.

£££ out of 5

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