📺 HGWIR: Veronica Mars 📺


@Scunner can we please also do Party Down?


Not seen it, no reason to believe it’s lower than 5/5



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Where does one watch it?


What are you two watching it on? It’s a little hard to get hold of in the UK I find, not a big fan of buying digital video


I think it’s on Amazon prime over here. Not sure about over there.

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we’ve got it from my brother in law.


Think this poll is part of my problem with the show - none of the characters are remotely likeable. Really enjoyed the first two seasons but tried to rewatch recently and got nothing from it. Will give 3/5 though because I really did enjoy it first time round (until the third season which I gave up on).

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I don’t think I have ever fancied someone more then I fancied Veronica Mars when I was 16.

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This is a 4. Enjoyed it at the time. Probably would not like it if I watched it now.


4 from me. Mrs F wanted to rewatch it ages ago and I’d never seen it so I bought her the DVDs thinking it was some knockabout high school/teen thing. It’s not, it’s really fucking dark in places. I really enjoyed it, I think we’re going to watch it again soon. The film is shite though.

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Pretty niche one this seems, so a wee bump to get a few more votes


The longer this goes on the more angry I am at Malcolm in the Middle’s score


Never seen it but was coming home from the pub last night and someone was throwing out the DVDs. Sadly season one was already gone though, so I left them at the side of the road.


Exactly this. The lightness of presentation, very California high school etc etc, sits quite at odds with one of Veronica’s main stories. The illustration of darkness / commonplace personal tragedy underneath superficial happiness / well being is one of the things I really like about it vs Buffy for example where the difficulties faced are fantastical.

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