HGWIR - Your Most Recent Piss 🟨 🟨

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Go on then, let’s do it. How good was your most recent piss?

2, can barely even remember it

5/5, post swim. Great piss

Its like, I was just IN liquid and now there’s liquid coming OUT of me!

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5/5. About 10 minutes ago. I’ve had 3 ciders so it needed no encouraging and was incredibly satisfying.

Quite a big one, sit down wee cause I’m sleepy, feeling quite comfy now. 4

You know how sometimes you really need a wee for ages and when you do a wee its amazing but there’s a tipping point where if you hold it for too long you veer into the unpleasant zone where the wee becomes a horrible ordeal of uncertainty?

How long do you reckon that tipping point is?

Who am I kidding every wee is a sit down wee


Me too, brother. Me too.

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38 minutes.

Yeah, this seems about right.

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I know, I’m not a liar.

Oh yeah

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Or was that a lie? I’ll never tell.

I’ve never had one

You really should have a piss, man.

Oh a piss? Apologies, I misread and thought it said ‘a ride on a penny farthing’

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You’re kidding me, right?

The Kidding Champ is what my name is! But in this case…no

Since living alone I’ve taken to doing big whale/Chewbacca noises while doing a standing piss, would recommend.

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