Hi Bamnan

Completely appreciate he’s entitled to his privacy, but he’s not being around/posting for a few weeks so was wondering if someone is able to (if they haven’t already) check in on him.

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Just seen in the depression thread people asking the same. Feel free to delete mods if this thread is unnecessary.

He’s always had a few weeks off every few months I think?
Not that it isn’t a good idea to check. He’s not on fb now?

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Ahh ok I didn’t realise that was his MO. Hopefully he’ll be back around soon.

I thought this last week. Hope he’s alright he seems such a genuinely nice guy.

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I think it’s fair to leave it open a bit as someone might see it who has other contact with him who might not necessarily go into that thread.

I’ve tried messaging him via his bandcamp page but I’ve not heard anything back. Again, he’s an absolutely top bloke and I hope all is okay.

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(I’m not a mod) but I think this thread is fair enough. He’s a top guy and I’m sure the comments will reflect the massive amount of love he has on these boards.

Just to echo all the above, and in the depression thread, hoping he is all good and just taking some time away to do whatever he needs to do.

He is just an all round genuine good guy, all too rare a thing these days.

Hope you’re good, pal.


Just adding my voice to this even though I’ve posted in the depression thread. A really empathetic and infectiously positive person. So much respect.

When he comes back I hope he doesn’t feel guilty because time off is pretty sensible and we should all do it more tbqh.


Actually I don’t like this thread as I just got a like and thought it was a reply from @Bamnan :frowning:

I don’t think anyone should feel like they are intruding if they have his direct communication details and drop him a friendly line. Perhaps not all at once though.

Would be good if someone could change the thread title slightly I think




Love you pal x

Hope all’s well, Bammers.

Love Bammers, top bloke. Will message him on Bandcamp. Hope he’s good.

Just chiming in to agree with you all that Bamnan is a GBOL from everything I’ve seen on here, and I hope he’s back posting soon.

i sent him an email yesterday after seeing the posts in the other thread, no reply yet

i think he mentioned going to see his brother at some point, maybe if it’s an extended stay that could explain him seemingly not being on his Switch/PC/DiS

Just want to add to the Bamnan love & say that I hope things are going well for you lad

because let’s not forget that for a lot of us the most productive times in our life are when we’re not on DiS