Hi Bamnan


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Welcome back Bamnan! :relaxed:

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Hey Bammers - fucking great news to know you’re all good, man.

Well done on releasing the new album, hope the internet-less time helped to soothe the soul.

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thanks dingas! Sorry that sounds like an insult :confused:

cheers bud, well it’s all just fun and games with the music really, I’m sure I’ll make something more serious again soon, gotta be careful not to get burnt out though y’know?

I think it made me feel a bit less restless and bored but also I realised how much I missed this crazy place :slight_smile:


Hey Banners! Great to know all’s well. I’m only an occasional member of this community but lovely folks like you are the reason I keep coming back. Looking forward to hearing more music!

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thanks fella, need to make more of an effort to engage with folks on here this week to make up for my absence. I’ll quickly jag here anyway: