Hi barkeep, please may I have

A St Clement’s

  • Of course, because I know what that is
  • Ummm, sorry, what is that again?

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Please list other things you think dissers might or might not know

I know what it is but I’d order it by the ingredients to save everyone the embarrassment.

Oranges and lemons?

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A ladyboy

  • Aha!
  • You what?

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No thank you.

I really want one now, so suggestible I am!

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A strawberry sherbert frappe

  • You disgust me
  • You what?

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Don’t make me get the blender out, or worse the ice crusher. Everyone hates that.

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  • As you wish, sir

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A wookie

I had one of these in a Ukrainian bar. A shot of coffee liqueur between the barman’s legs, him pouring more into my mouth and then filling my mouth with squirty cream.

Everyone in the bar cheered. Great night out


Wouldn’t need one for this…

Ooo okay, consider me intrigued