Hi DiS I'm going on tour (again!) next month



All that bloody touring and JAGing huh? Anyway come see me and my stupid band:

Glasgow - 7th February, Old Hairdressers - https://www.facebook.com/events/207086126418140/
Edinburgh - 9th February, Edinburgh Uni - https://www.facebook.com/events/683421415159291/
Newcastle - 10th February - TBC
Nottingham - 12th February - TBC
London - 13th February, Old Blue Last - https://www.facebook.com/events/168464906970141/
Manchester - 16th February, Fuel - https://www.facebook.com/events/1247812998665449/
Brighton - 17th February, Sticky Mikes (no event yet)
Leeds - 18th February, TBC

COME SEE MY STUPID BAND. Our album is getting released digitally on the 10th and we’ll have it out in Vinyl a month later. You can listen to us here:



MAYBE, I’m in Wales 11/12th but if I get to the big smoke in time I’ll deffo come down!


yas, cheers man! It’s a really good line-up, and free!


Will be in Austria that whole time I’m afraid.


we’ll be back! (maybe!)


you are a JAG machine


Can’t access Facebook at work…are you headlining the Glasgow date?


Nope, Earths are, who we are also playing with in Edinburgh


more interesting than bickering about Corbyn :wink:


He’s djing downstairs


whatever happened to post louis? are they dead?


no, they’re just taking fucking ages to finish the album. The first recording sessions for that were at the end of summer 2015, a year later Mattis and I finished the drum and bass tracks, the rest has been done since and is nearly finished. By comparison, FRAUEN’s album will have been written, recorded and released all in the space of a year (roughly).

But yeah Post Louis are still a thing and I am still in them (despite two of us currently living in Scotland) and you’ll all hear about it when it does finally happen (at least I know it will be worth the wait)


good news! i only got into the two EP’s when you’s had stopped gigging so will definitely get along when you tour the album


Sev…was it you who was in/knew Whisky Works?


Wasn’t in them but I used to be in Great Cop (now Undo) with Iain from them and generally played with them a bit when I was in Gdansk


Wow, Gdansk! What a band! Saw them a few times!
Just wondering about Whisky Works…came on random in my iPod shuffle the other day.
The ‘scene’ in Glasgow around that time (6/7 years ago) was incredible.


Yeah for sure, so many good bands.

Joe who was still an under while drumming for Gdansk is in my current band


New single!


mate, do you play a JAGmaster by any chance?


I would love one, but no I’m a “pretending to be Springsteen” tele-man