Hi everyone I'm actually asleep at the moment!

This is me making a post from my dream! Wow, proper cowabunga eat my shorts.

You’ll be pleased to hear there’s a few of you here: Antpocalypsenow, except you’ve got my brother’s face. Profk got knocked the fuck out by a cow with a human fist but he’s okay and laughing about it now.

There’s groups of people, three a piece, walking the streets with their arms linked, haha that’s great to see, a real fuck you to the virus, hahaha that really is lovely to see.

Oh now there’s a big hill I need to walk up, the one that goes up to my parents house, except I can’t just walk up it normally can I. My brain can’t get its head around the idea of walking up a hill, so I need to turn around and do it backwards. Yeah here we go, I’m getting somewhere now, I’m going up the hill backwards. There’s that man on the other side of the road who carries his dog everywhere in his arms and roots through bins.


What goes on in your head?

What goes oooooooon in your mind


This is really impressive from the point of view of cognitive something or other

I had a dream last night that I was driving around an imaginary version of Cornwall talking about the architecture of the houses with my partner, and then we took our kid to a library. I have the infinite world of dreams to enjoy, and instead I do this. I mean, it was pleasant, but hell’s bells I’m dull.

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Hehe just found this searching for something else

Great thread