Hi everyone! I'm not sure if you all know but


FM 2017 is free this weekend on Steam and it is a great, great product.


It IS a great product, and what’s more, if you play it for free and love it, you can turn your purchase permanent for 50% off this weekend as well!


You can’t say fairer than that!


I’m not even on Steam book


call yourself a penoid!


I might have been lying.


Littered with bugs this, imho.



Didn’t you apply for a job recently where they asked for your Steam ID? Not sure I could list mine for shame of how many Warhammer-related titles are on mine.


yup, and my three favourite youtubers. never heard back from it surprisingly.


You’ve upset me here.


man these games are so boring


See @Antpocalypsenow, it’s not just me. And this one plays Hearthstone!


Does FailArmy count?




Not enough elves, trolls or insects with big guns for you?


i don’t know what that is. can they tell from my ID that i recently played all original 9 megaman games in a short period?


It’s You’ve Been Framed for millennials. I love it, because I am a simpleton.

As if there was any need for nine Megaman games.


the worst part is that they all sucked after no. 2


Flowchart Manager 2017 is finally out?! YES!

Great timing as I’ve just completed my second go through HR Performance Review '16.