Hi everyone please come to my thread!


You alright?

I think I really need to try to get thinner again but I just can’t be bothered and food/booze is nice.

Also I love frosty cold weather, feels like magic when you see the pavements sparkle though my beard is now soggy.


Hi Bam! About to see The Screwtape Letters at the theatre. I hope it will be enjoyable!




I’m playing a gig atm, but its so cold going out for a smoke is genuinely painful.

Anyway, anyone in Southampton should pop down to The Joiners tonight


I hope so too. Let me know!

Don’t suppose you have time to briefly describe the synopsis?


I bloody miss being a smoker. I was much cooler.


Is this the evening thread? Cant be arsed with anything, gonna have a nap.


hey DB. How’s your anxiety these days?


I guess it can be if you want. Basically just wanted to justify to myself why I’m eating a bunch of crap.


It’s still the christmas holiday, it’s allowed.




Evening * doffs cap *


Evening Bam. I like frosty mornings too. Although I did have to walk slowly and carefully to work today to avoid going embarrassingly over on my arse.


Hello Bam! I agree with you about frosty weather, I love it too. Unfortunately it’s an unseasonal 10℃ here which is very annoying.


I’m playing football in half an hour. The group is quite canny apart from a couple of little boys who take it far too seriously.

Nice to be getting a run out this week though.


shorts and string vest time for ol’ geesey?


I just got back from my parents/xmas

Need to go milk/tea/cereal/essentials but cba!!


Having a port and some Christmas chocolates



The frost has been totally magic and at the same time it’s not been too slippy and the sun has felt quite strong so it’s perfect! The older I get the more I like winter, wrapping up and being cosy and all that.

Watching Blackadder and waiting for Scenewipe tonight - pretty much been looking forward to it for months.


I have been wearing shorts around my parents’ house but I lack a string vest. Where does one even buy a string vest?