Hi-fi gear nerds assemble (to recommend me things)

I’ve been too long without a home hifi setup so i’m thinking of burning some money next payday. Obligatory responses poll:

  • This is massively tory, eric
  • What a bloody waste of money
  • I wonder simply get a spotify account and a sonos speaker
  • other interesting response

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Set myself a loose budget of around £1k which needs to include amp, turntable, speakers and ideally open backed headphones. So far this is what I’ve come up with:

Amp: Yamaha AS701 £469
TT: Rega Planar 1 £250
Speakers: Q Acoustics 2050i £225
Headphones: AKG K701 £115
Total: £1059

Anything good or bad to say about any of these bits? Anything you’d sub in for not a lot more money? These are new prices but I’ll probably try and find some of them second hand, the speakers I want aren’t in stock anywhere, etc.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

You got phono preamp covered in that?



the soundstage weirds me out on those AKGs - my mate has a pair.

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How about… a third Les Paul?


Most new amps don’t have them and most turntables don’t. Easiest to get a turntable with rather than amp. Rega and Pro-ject options. Or get a separate phono stage (£50? I dunno tbh), main disadvantage is extra wires.

how so? i loved my 451s and now i love my nc60s.

idk, its just too…big for my preference. probably just not used to sitting there with music sounding like its coming from every direction.

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It has one built into the amp

I’ve got Sony MDR-7506s and I hate them with my life.

Luckily they were a gift from mah banbeano so I only need to keep them until one of us dies.


oh that’s good

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the preamp is also cursed


All looks pretty solid mate, you’ve done the right thing by buying one with a digital input. Would only really add that trying is a good idea and a fun morning and that maybe you might want to allocate more budget to speakers.

Also don’t be afraid of buying second hand on the amp. Also check to see if the cart on the rega is an audio technica. From budget through pro they have set the bar imo.


apparently no input for tv though so a pal suggested the cyrus one if i want to. undecided at the mo.

Have you considered second-hand or ex-display equipment? Ex-display products should still come with a 12-month warranty.

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I have that Rega turntable in my kitchen and it’s good.

I think new amps have started having phono stages as standard again more now, my old Cambridge audio one didn’t, when I replaced it after it died with another CA it had one

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yes and ho

It’s not an a/v 5.1 amp though so don’t worry. What is the tv model?

Looks like a good setup there.

I have these open back headphones and they are spectacular and slightly cheaper than the ones you’ve listed: https://www.richersounds.com/headphones/on-ear-headphones/grado-sr80e.html

Only other suggestion, and an obvious one at that, is to try Richer Sounds first. They’ll happily set everything up in shop to demo it, will regularly chuck in free wires and things, often have totally mint clearance items for a significantly reduced price, and are just great in general.

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You can get AKG K702s from a * a * z * n for £99

I’d recommend the K702s anyway as they are exactly the same except they have a removable cord which is way more convenient for transporting (if you’re doing that) plus upgrading the standard cable definitely improves the listening experience/comfort

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