Hi-fi gear nerds assemble (to recommend me things)

yep, fully intend on doing this!


ooh, nice

ooh really

food for thought, thanks both

also, you have budgeted for a turntable but not for a stylus upgrade. What’s the standard stylus on that Rega?

no clue tbh, hadn’t considered that til now. Rega Carbon cartridge according to amazon

Yeah just checked mine and is branded as Rega Carbon

It’s absolutely fine

Get them to change it to audio technica. Srs.

they’re fine but (and it depends on your set up of course) all other things being equal there are gains to be had from a stylus upgrade ofc

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got a couple recos?

I’m a Shure M97xE fan but I think they’re discontinued now so probably pricey (if you can find them)

I dunno, have a google, there’s loads of stylus review sites and wildly varying prices

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Personally I’d stick with what it comes with and upgrade later if you feel the need

Aligning a cartridge is a right PITA

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Can vouch for Q Acoustics. I’ve got a set of the 3010i’s whcih I think are basically the bookshelf versions of the floor standing 2050is and they sound great.

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good to know! the reviews sounded pretty good for the price though the worst thing i read was that somewhere said that the sound reproduction was a bit ‘polite’ :rofl:

helpful advice, thank you


Oh yeah, get them to do it.

Where’s your budget for speaker cable.

Don’t skimp on speaker cable - get the good stuff. It’s worth it.

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yeah but it’s like 50 quid innit

But £50 when you’re spending that much is nothing!

don’t bother testing stuff in the shop. the acoustics and shape of the room will be nothing like yours at home :man_shrugging:

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Am i right in thinking that richer sounds will come out to your gaff?

do you really want Neil in your front room…? (I don’t know if they come out)