Hi-fi gear nerds assemble (to recommend me things)

I think the DAC on the CD player only comes into use if you use analogue outs instead of a digital out


Anyone got any more CD player #opinions ?

I’m looking at 2 on eBay.

Option A is modern-ish, about 10 years old. Cost around £300 when new, so not cheap but not much above entry level.

Option B is from the early 90s and would have been higher-end back then, it sold for about £700 in 1991.

Both on eBay now for exactly the same price, £220…

As above I wouldn’t be relying on the DAC for either of them.

Go for the newer one if you’re not using the built in DAC. The laser mechanisms wear out over time

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I think i probably will :slight_smile:

Get the one with the best laser as that’s the only thing that matters

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Did you look at the option of a cd transport?

Audiolab 6000cdt and Cambridge CXC are both £379 new so might be a decent value second hand buy?

I did not!

Had a quick look on eBay and they all seemed pretty expensive…

I’ve bought the modern-ish player now anyway, Yamaha cds-300. Might turn into an eBay hifi wanker and buy and sell stuff every 6 months when I get bored.

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You’d think they’d be cheaper but I guess it’s one of those things where less costs more because of the market they are aiming at. Bet the Yamaha is sounding good - always liked the design of Yamaha stuff.

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Computer repair guy came through for me so panic over and record player sounding good.


Looking good, too. :nail_care:



Perspex lid is in terrible condition so need to get a new one at some point.

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