Hi guys just saw someone I know on facebook post this request for a new housemate and thought it might annoy/amuse some of you

Help us make a beautiful new home in [redacted]. We are a group of 5 people who live in a house-share and are setting up a new home in [redacted] as our current home is being sold. We’re moving to a lovely house and we’re looking for a sixth person who’s excited about a house that is also a home. We want to be a loose but supportive community and hope you’ll be excited about sharing food/stories/schemes for a better world with us.

We’re moving in on the 25th and are looking for someone initially for a few months who can fill out extra room as soon as possible.

We will be around on Sunday 26th afternoon / evening to meet you and show you the house.


We also envision sharing a veg bag and infinity order to buy bulk (organic) staples to share.


The House:
Large kitchen dinner
2 bathrooms and extra toilet
Smallish garden
A piano!
Step up to front door and 2 sets of stairs up to bedrooms.

Who we are
We are 5 people in our late 20s and 30s. We’ve all lived communally in different ways most of our adulthood​and enjoy this shared, open and socialable ethos, as well as liking time to ourselves too. We represent a mixture of backgrounds and sexualities.

We are lucky to work in ways which reflect our interests and values which include: counselling/politics/refugee law/writing/environmental activism/environmental policy/acupuncture/theatre/music/feasting / outdoors

What we are looking for:
Someone who wants to make a house a home, who enjoys likes to cook, enjoys sharing meals and conversations and won’t just use the house as an oversized bed, cupboard and shower. someone who wants to come home and have a cuppa with us. Someone who wants to make the world a better place.

If this sounds like you and our house sounds like what you are looking for, please get in touch with [redacted]
Looking forward to hearing from you

I’d happily live here.


Apparently the weather in [redacted] is horrible this time of year though

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I couldn’t live with people who are on facebook.


seems fine tbh

I don’t understand you thought this was worth posting.

I ain’t sharing my staples or stapler with anybody sorry.

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oh man. dis circa 2009 would have slain these guys living. i also think it’s fine and like the people involved quite a lot.

surely everyone’s on facebook in this day and age. Right?

Sounds like a nice bunch of people, and a lot like some of the best places I lived.

Was this what you were going for?

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needs an outrage at london prices angle I think

What a bunch of fucking cunts! Tell me where this is and I will get the chainsaw crew together.

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Not everyone! Those of us who aren’t get to wear these:



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Banned act


Sounds really nice, if a bit uptight.
I guess you need to be more formal in these sort of ads actually, change to just sounds really nice.

Fine, I’ll do it.

They sound like total ballsacks and I bet they smell bad.


YES! Ok thanks guys thread closed

How can you say that? They want to make a house a home!