Hi guys new track from me



if you listen then thanks.


Nifty mate


This is super smoooooth, bam. Love the drums, especially.


cheers buddy :slight_smile:


This is great Bammers. Would be really fun to play drums in a live version of that.


you play drums?


Aye. That sounds like a fun (and difficult) part to play!


well that’s the beauty of studio sampled drums on Ableton :slight_smile:


getting some battles / pheonix vibes from it!



cheers Chris :slight_smile: not listened to any battles but I guess I was inspired by listening to some Jaga Jazzist the other day for the first time.


oh yeah! can hear that influence in their as well - you’ve got mad skills!


I dig this. Pretty, pretty proggy. Some real nice cosmic guitar tones and the bass is, as they say, in the pocket.


Very cool - get some sleigh bells on it and wack it on the Dismas play list


:smiley: that would be pretty funny.


Fantastic stuff, mate. Love your drums.


bass is secretly the most fun instrument to play


Fuck man, that’s really good.


thanks crisps!


quick bump for evening shift then I’m going to stop.

Thinking I might make a track a week though and post a thread like it’ll be a fun routine thing that can help me stay creative.

Anyway bye!


hope so man, really enjoyed this