“Hi I’m David” “And I’m David too!”

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Too many Davids, sorry.



Don’t worry I believe you were the first one? And then the St, and then … Cameron.

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D1: “We’ll be back…”
D2: “…after this short break”
Musical interlude
D1: “David, you know what I really hate?”
D2: “People calling you Dave?”
D1: “No, David, what I really hate is any kind of facial hair. Also having to pick up some razor blades, a seemingly simple and straightforward task which can be completed without literally any extra effort when I’m in the supermarket which I am already in”
D2: “Seems like a perfectly rational hatred David”
D1: “Yes. That’s why I subscribe to David’s Razors. Who are David’s Razors I hear you ask? They are a new shaving subscription service, founded by two guys called David Davies and Dave David who wanted to shake up the shaving world”
D2: “Tell me more”
D1: “I will. Each month, David’s Razors will send you a 5 blade David and an smooth post David balm and with your first order you will receive an ergonomically weighted David, engraved with the name David. Sign up now and use the code DAVID to receive a 20% David at checkout, and a further 10% David if your name is David”
D2: “That’s DAVID spelt D, A, V, I, D to get 20% David now”
Musical interlude
D2: “This week we are also sponsored by Hello David…”


No one’s called Divad are they? Gap in the market there.