Hi I'm Pinkybrain and I love Radiohead sooooo much. I ❤️ Thom




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Hahahahaha @anon35600300 you whopper!!!

Can’t believe pinkybrain and Ray Park got ‘hacked’ so close together.

The original title was such a good joke

Cool thread IMO


In the penultimate frame, has Jonny been playing so long that he’s grown a moustache?

I dug out my old Bends tab book and bloody hell, it’s been so long and the stuff in here is fucking hard as nails innit?

Also forgot how often they didn’t put one of the guitar parts in you really pick out.

Nearly bought this at a car boot sale last weekend then realised I already have it

That book taught me a lot about chords.

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When I was young I always assumed tab books were absolute gospel and dictated by the band but then I got the OK Computer one and one or two bits were definitely wrong and I was so disillusioned. You can’t trust anything.


Dunno why I didn’t get The Bends one as I was so much more into it at the time and there’s a lot more riffs and solos. Might have already printed out every tab going


Yeah. There are definitely some parts in all of them that are a bit odd. There are loads of little bits just not included in the Bends or OKC books.

The Beatles’ Blue Album tab book taught me where the swap over between the two different Strawberry Fields recordings were though.

I have the tab book for Blur’s Best Of because I’d never managed to find anything online or by ear to match the riff from There’s No Other Way. They never bothered with Leisure obviously so when that album was made I was basically haunting the music shops until the book came out! :smiley: