Still no baby. Struggling to get out of bed.

It’s Friday!! How r u? What are your weekend plans?

HI. waiting for a baby is the worst …get some telly in :star_struck:

Fine time (alright John powers)

Have a bonza Friday all xx


Morning troops! Hope you are well.

We put up Outside Christmas Lights last night, and in keeping with the year of personal identity and fluidity that I’ve discovered, they’re flashing white and pink hard core, like a mobile phone repair shop’s neon Open sign. I’m not sure what our neighbour thinks.

I have some serious thoughts of gendered sports that I’ll put in the Kids thread later.

Might pull a sicky and recharge today. Feel lots of tiredness induced dread.

Weekend is an interesting one! Got Santa and his elves coming to the house tomorrow afternoon for a surprise visit which should be good, and then the kids are going to the Big Panto in Glasgow on Sunday. My parents were supposed to be taking them but due to random personal things they keep shifting them onto us. I thi k I might convince them to do it.

Christmas basically starts this weekend for us.

I’m still working so I need this baby to buddy up so I can stop working for a bit :rofl::rofl:


Our baby is twelve weeks old today, what the absolute fuck?

Baby story time in a children’s book shop across the road(ish) this morning, a friend and her baby round for lunch. Need to get a Christmas tree this evening. Maybe.

Going for a three course Christmas meal at a lovely country pub with some friends tomorrow. Bike ride Sunday. Should be alright.

(What was your [partner’s] due date?)


Morning all!

Working from home again today, which is good because I need to

  • marinate some chicken
  • put the Christmas tree up (but not decorate it til everyone’s home)
  • put the hooks up for the Christmas lights
  • pop into town for some bits and pieces

Good job that I’ve got no meetings today and goodness-knows how many hours owed to me in lieu.

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Yesterday we did this for the first time, so I went into the council planning applications and got the measurements for the extension and guttering. All good, right?

Nope. Fucked it. We had three times as much length as we needed and now it lights up the street harder than the actual street lights. Haha



Slightly odd start this morning - I made an agreement in November to be available every Friday morning in in December, in person, for meetings with a new client (at their place of work) - but since then I haven’t been able to get hold of them to confirm today which should be the first. So I’m being proactive and just turning up this morning… but I honestly have no idea if they’re expecting me or not, have been too busy to reply or will even be in. Ah well, I’ve barely left the house this week.

Then I’m off on holiday for a long weekend :smiley:

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Hurry up baby!

In the office this morning, starting the day with a random 1:1 coffee roulette. Please just fuck off, yeah? Then loads of meetings about our art policy in which I’ll be the usual thorn in the company’s side. Checking out the Derek Jarman Protest show at the Art Gallery on the way home.

This weekend I’m off to that Bloody Massive London for a Very Nice Weekend and I can’t wait :partying_face:


Woke up at 3.30 to watch the bts concert and probably woke up members of the household by accident


Just got called by a cybercriminal who wanted my data. be careful out there

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Didn’t realise that was you! Sorry!


9th December, so it’s not even passed yet :joy:

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Buddy up? Obvs meant HURRY UP but the autocorrect kinda works too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

“Sir, are you a cybercriminal?”


Am going into the office via public transport #pray4safari
Have also injured my knee somehow. Think it’s my MCL and have done it a few days ago kicking and twisting my knee in my sleep. Hurts every few steps, feels like it is gonna pop out of position or something. Obviously gonna have to say I did it scoring a hat trick in a football match if I go to the GP.

Hi, a/s/l/bank details?

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Finished work at midnight, got in at 00:30. Didn’t go to bed until 2. Probably slept for 3hrs tops. Youngest was a little shite last night. Bit really got the mental capacity to deal with anything today. Back at work 12-8. Working all weekend, so today is my Tuesday I reckon. No plans as I’m on the lates Saturday and Sunday.

Awesome - that’s my birthday! An excellent day to be born if you ask me