Best wishes to you but also especially your partner! Those last week’s of pregnancy are… Large.

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Morning all.

Dog walked and fed. He slept through last night which is good. Not loving being woken up by panicked barking.

Having takeaway bacon and avo bagel from Another Heart to Feed for breakfast. It’s a good start to the day.

One is full of chili powder?

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If one is full of coffee it’ll be as disastrous for me (think I have an allergy to caffeine or something).

I just found out who I’ve got and I could not be less enthused. Maybe I’ll have the coffee just to get me out of it



Feeling a bit rough this morning. Struggled getting out of bed. Think the dog is feeling the same - had his breakfast, went out for a wee and then went back to bed.

Need to pop out to pick up some Christmas shopping and restock on dog food. Hoping the fog lifts and it dries out this afternoon for a quick bike otherwise I’ll probably end up on the treadmill and please, I’d rather not.

Not really any plans for the weekend, probably end up sticking the outside Christmas lights up at some stage.

Thanks! Last week she went from very much being cool with it all, feeling great etc and this week she is just FED UP :joy:

my thermostat is lying to me too

Had horrific coffee anxiety yesterday that’s kept me up all night too, got about 4 hours sleep at best, pray for Ruffdawg.

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Patience, patience. Stop putting pressure on the poor kid!

Arm still really swollen and sore 4 days after flu jab :weary:

Have today and Monday off with the hope of being really productive and making Christmas presents. This won’t happen, especially given I’ve downloaded a new computer game. Should at least finish bags for @japes and @HotBeefTrauma though :crossed_fingers:

Think I’ll make some tiffin later.


Got 3 meetings today. Not a very happy Friday.

Morning :wave:

Finding it so hard to wake up at the moment. Have reset my alarm about 5 times. The worst of crimes imho. Two should be the limit.

Don’t have many plans today! Work, big food shop is arriving, think I’m going to make a chilli, exercise, have a gin and watch a film. Chat shit on DiS, pass out, snore a lot then wake up for Saturday! Woooo!!

Morning folks

I’m not feeling very friday today. I’m a bit thrown by having yesterday off work. It’s meant to be a zoom free friday, but there’s at least two meetings in my diary.

Just did the school run - I got back and my other half asked me how it was. I told her it was fine, but that now I have wet legs. At the same time, I had also just been googling Wet Leg the band to see if their tour next year is coming to Brighton, and she thought I had been googling wet legs because I’d got a bit soggy walking up to the school and back.



Mrs RKC has her work Xmas party this afternoon so I’ll be taking care of the dog all day. Hoping for an opportunity to meet a pal at the pub later on then following protocol with :pizza: for dinner later

haven’t left for work yet :thinking: should probably do that

Slept badly because the cat was on my side of the bed taking up an inordinate amount of space for a tiny little loaf. Ended up shuffling up onto the pillows so I could curl up above her.

But then at least she’s just asleep all night, my housemate’s cat used to come in and play with my hair or nip my nose while I slept.

Also she’s very cute when it’s wake up time.


Waxing and patching old sofa - evidence in other thread. Strangely relaxing, listening to Scott 3 as I do it. Will probably move onto Tom Waits for the back cushions.

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Obviously no one is here to meet me so I’m just milking around with a coffee waiting to hear either way and then I’m going to have to turn right back around and go home. Very promising sign for the next three months of work with them.

There’s only two of us in the office. The fucking dream.

GF wants to go to a Christmas market after I finish work which is not ideal but I will do it for her.

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Woke up craving a cheap caravan burger served on a morning roll with a cheese slice and vinegary tomato sauce (optional)

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Nah, I wouldn’t. Not worth it