Hi it’s Friday

Hi folks, Please post your daily thoughts in here!

Lots of love,

Oi oi. Tuesday for me today and have a full on weekend to work through yet. Getting the eldest ready for here last day at nursery this term. Week today and I have a weeks annual leave. Counting down the days.

Feeling ill (not covid, tested negative) and incredibly tired. The 2 have combined to make me feel like I’m hungover. So that’s something.


Office day, so I’ve had to coordinate my socks with the rest of my outfit ffs.

Picking up my new glasses later, which is about as rock and roll as my Fridays get.


Took the day off yesterday to take the kiddo to an acvitity session. We did not make it - he had 2 meltdowns instead, so we ate a burger, had a beer and went home.

It’s snowing today. Applying for a new job I feel good about and doing work in my current job that I don’t feel good about.


The two day work event that has the bain of my work life since January is today and tomorrow. Have a 14 hr day ahead. Nearly over, nearly over.


I’m working.

Might be going Ranjits later though so thats good


Need to get up but enjoying remembering my dream and being cosy. Got to leave in 7 minutes though :thinking:

This is not fair.

Even though I’m off work work today I’ve already got dread for tour work tomorrow.

Still feel a bit rubbish. Today = work including first virtual meeting of the commission I’m doing Comms for, then seeing/staying with friend late this evening for much-needed cuddles.

Did some creative writing last night and rewatched Fleabag S2 and bought some books and Puberty 2 (I ordered it the other week but they forgot to send it, cancelled the order and had already sold by the time I wanted to re-order it. so bought elsewhere)


I’m not as hungover as I deserve to be, which probably means there’s more saved up for later. I’ve put a bottle of lucozade in the freezer to chill quickly, which I mustn’t forget about.

Anyway, it’s as good as the weekend, and I just saw that the only thing I had in my diary for this afternoon has been cancelled. Hooray!

Hi Witches, hi everyone Lol.

I woke up early to get a bunch of work done but because I’m so sleepy I’ve not made that much of a mark. Silly. Oh well, I am happy it’s Friday. Though, I’m not planning on having my usual Friday night bubbles because I keep on waking up feeling very puffy on Saturday. Think I’m going to either have nothing or some beers instead.

Need some film suggestions for this weekend. Give me them please. Though I may take myself off to the horror thread to ask too.

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Morning all!

I got a bit of a lie in thanks to Wor Lass feeling a bit better. I also feel a bit better now.

I’ll be logging into work email for a bit at some point to check if anyone has done any work I’m predicting three pieces.

No other plans though. I think we’re having lasagne for tea.

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Alright Garfield :blush:

Food Eating GIF

Love lasagne, love Garfield.

What might you be having with your lasagne, Keith?


New Wet Leg on, bit of work then heading back to mums for delayed birthday celebrations/seeing cat/sitting in gardens

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I don’t know much about the sides and I have learned not to ask too many questions of Wor Lass (as it’s her week for cooking).

I expect broccoli will be involved because The Child will eat it.

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I’ve managed to get the song fascination by alphabeat stuck in my head because I’m working on some pagination. It must be Friday. So very easily distracted. This is going to be annoying.

God tier veg


The answer I was looking for here was “chips”. But broccoli will do.


Time seems to be moving too quickly for my liking. I need more time!!!

Today: work, one meeting, walk to the bakery, bf is out in the afternoon/eve so will make pasta.

I’m intrigued by people choosing the chip option; a lump of pasta contains adequate stodge and carbs on its own for me, even without an extra pile of potatoes.


I felt this way too, it was the tv who insisted on it initially. They’re good for mopping up the lasagne with.

To be honest, I should have always been prepared for it, my mum used to make me macaroni cheese in a baked potato :laughing:

To be fair to my Mum, it was M&S macaroni which used to be VERY saucy. The potato was needed to absorb the heft of sauce.

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