Hi it's Saturday

Morning!! On my way to Glasgow. Got a coffee with TWO shots of coffee in it. Wild. Might buy doughnuts later, might not. Will keep you updated.

What’s going on with you? Tell me!!


Morning witches!

Gonna play some vidya games then see my sister for coffee. Afternoon we’ll probs go for a walk with my in-laws who are staying.


Heading into work :frowning:

Kids party this morning
Making vegan hotdogs this arvo +
Le tour

Friends birthday meal/drinks tonight

Hello mate! Bit eraly for a Saturday isn’t it.

Got my pals down for the weekend and they told us last night that they’re pregananant with their 3rd, lovely stuff :pregnant_woman: :baby::baby::baby:

Heading into central to take them round Parliament for a bit then we’re going to Tooting for cocktails and dinner. Have a lovely time in Glasgae Witches :blush:


Morning @Witches and everyone.

Heading into London today for lunch with my former employer. Could be good. Could be weird.

Mooch around Borough Market first.


D E V I E R D A A G S E :netherlands:

On my way to Eindje to pick up the ATDs from the airport, then drinks at mine at 2, some sort of house party / “soccer watching” hybrid at 4, then the night begins :dancing_women: :dancing_men: :dancer: :man_dancing:


Aw congrats to your pals J_I! I enjoy it when you say lovely stuff because you said it so much on your through the keyhole video that I can actually hear you saying it now!! Luvvverly stuff (I know you’re not tom kerridge but shut up)

I’m not through for fun! Cold hard business! Kind of, sort of, not really for business but definitely not for fun. The doughnuts will be fun tho.

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Off to Leeds

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Oh god I’d forgotten about that, I’m gone from saying it in a very Partridgey way to it now entering my lexicon permanently :grimacing: I say ‘chief’ as much as ol’ Kerridge does too but I think it’s a bit of a northern/Lincolnshire thing :thinking:

Ooft a bit of Saturday business! You’ll deffo be deserving of a few doughnuts once that’s finished :doughnut: :doughnut: :pregnant_woman: (the tv still sends me the pregnant emoji whenever she’s full and it always freaks me out).


Haha!! Brilliant.

Also slightly worried about what I’m wearing. The tv described it as “that’s a funny costume” the other day so um, yeah. It’s breezy at least.

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Morning @Witches! Morning all!

Going to go to a photography exhibition and have lunch out today. It’s been a mega stressful few weeks where I’ve been working every weekend so it’ll be nice to do something non-stop related for once.


Morning all. Just like clockwork, at 8am, the builders next door have begun bashing shit. Fuck off. Switched out to the 4.5 tog last night, should have done it weeks ago. Viewing a flat in a bit but first, crumpets :yum:

Morning all!

Standard Saturday football this morning followed by some football watching and the jerk turkey burgers with sweet potato fries later.

I’m going to try to do a booze/ doughnut shop this afternoon but might not manage.

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There’s a bit of breeze here.



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We’re off to see the Muppets this afternoon, and then Fun Home this evening.

So excited!


It’s just a dress but it’s like a smock dress so it’s more like a bag than a dress :smiley:

Dunno about the doughnuts. Going to go here -


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Last night’s beer

Every bit as bland and corporate lager as you’d expect


If it makes you feel better, I’m not sure how big a fan I am of these doughnuts. They’re maybe just a bit too clever for their own good. But they’re so pretty!

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