Hi it's Saturday

What game please ?

Yeah, this: https://www.wickes.co.uk/Keter-Store-It-Out-Max-Plastic-Garden-and-Bin-Storage-Beige+Brown---4-x-5-ft/p/119796

Couldn’t be arsed with a proper wooden shed.

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That third shot!

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i want to use the sleep

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Hi witches and co! Just tidying up the van and heading home later. Don’t want to go :sob:

Can’t believe I was seriously thinking about getting up at ??? o’clock to go play Netrunner in Brighton today. Jesus. Barely had the energy to grind my coffee beans (not a euphemism) earlier.

Set the world to rights with my sister over coffee and breakfast. Decent start to the day.


GF made me tea and brought it to me in bed. Pretty happy with that. We saw ‘The Incredibles 2’ last night and it was flippin’ brilliant.

Have to meet the other half of MueseuM today to write up bios for our various bios and make a plan for recording our new album for Disintegration State! Will watch the football later. GF was meant to go and try on bridesmaids dresses for her sister’s wedding but it turms out that’s tomorrow. We might go for a drink later.

Wife and her mate are doing one f them mud run things, so I’m sitting in the park in the sun* (currently quite cloudy) while they do that.

Watching the football and continuing to pack the flat away into boxes this afternoon, I suppose.

Had to ask him again as I’d forgotten. Octopath traveller


have you got your waistcoat looked out?

I’ve got one of these. It replaced an old rotten wooden shed.

It’s sturdy, stores a surprising amount and looks pretty nice.

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Morning (just about) :sunny:

Did the Parkrun this morning and managed to take 2 minutes off last week’s time, so I am happy. Going to have last night’s leftover roast potatoes for breakfast.

We have friends visiting from London today and I can’t wait to see them. Going to do a Glasgow pub crawl so hope this sun stays out!


I’m off to a wedding/ camping thing should be fun

Was it the Victoria Park one?

Ruchill Park. Some amazing views of the city!

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Haven’t done that one yet, will need to add it to the list.

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I mean, imagine not going to see Solange


On the way back to Edinburgh with my dad after two days of walking around Fort William and Aviemore and drinking whisky. Fucking hell, the aul lad can drink. Gonna catch some stuff in the jazz festival later

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UPDATE; I trimmed a hedge