Hi it's Saturday


Completely sealed and dry.


So this was obviously touristy hell but good fun nonetheless. At that wee food market near the Southbank Centre and gonna get a sludger or 2 at Waterloo Tap.


Good luck getting the front seat. For some reason I could never learn the correct place on the platform at Bank - I reckon they actually don’t always come into the same spot. NNGNGNGNGNGN.




Would love some scarambled eggs on toast right now


Make it happen!


You know what, I just might


The hill made a sweaty mess of me the other week.


Can’t concentrate as keeping looking out the window at the Pride march.


Organised my hair accessory drawers. One drawer for normal sized bows, bow hairbands and non-bow hairbands, and one drawer for flowers, flower crowns and giant bows.


Have you done that parkrun? I’m an absolute mess two minutes in thanks to that initial hill. Feels like there’s not much shade on the hilly bits either which means me = :tomato:!


Been to 4 house viewings today and 3 of them had damp. Go away please :^)


Went to the retail park to get a few things. Bought a spider plant, which did not enjoy the journey home. I’m hoping it’ll perk up a bit now I’ve repotted and watered it, but it’s currently looking a bit sad.

Disturbed a wee frog when I was getting some soil out the compost bin, too. Must’ve been hiding from the sun, poor thing.


Got shitfaced last night then deservedly woken up at 7am by my chuckling daughter. Cue a morning of tickles, play, garden centre, cooked breakfast and Disney Robin Hood.

Just about coping with the hangover at this point. Have been through the standard stages of it (woe, fatigue, silly, the horn etc) so I should be clear soon. Think little poppet is about to have a nap so mrs stack and I will do the same.

Taking her out for her first curry tonight (early sitting, don’t want to kid the place up too much) with the in-laws. Excited for her. Paneer and butter chicken would be good for her I think.


6-0 to imipolex.


It is quite clear at Limehouse where we pick it up from, on the way it was taken so we were in the second seats unfortunately. Got to drive on the way back though :sunglasses:

There was a lot of construction going on so R was very excited looking at the cranes and a cement mixer (the best of the construction vehicles, obviously). Also got some books at the book shop, @imipolex I think this one might be your kind of style:

(also got the sequel to The Storm Whale which we didn’t have yet)



mushrooms though :frowning:


Treated myself to a crowbar to break the rest of it up.


absolutely love a good crowbar. mine is ancient and i feel it’s imbued with mystical force at this point