Hi Sunday

Just had some pink grapefruit marmalade on toast and have some Himalayan Bliss tea.

Going for a mtb later.

How you doin?

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Eldest kid up at 5:30 :sob::sob::sob: sweet baby Jesus.
Today probs going to some private garden thing which looks like the perfect act of revenge on my kids.


Just had an argument with my bikes mobile phone holder. I’m so rubbish with manual tasks.

Hey. Late to bed, early up. Same as it ever was. Cooking up a slow cooker stew before the day kicks off.


Morning all. Didn’t sleep amazingly but I think it was my fault for eating three bread products yesterday.

Sunny day though :sunny: going to go up to the coast :slight_smile:



I have porridge. I am tired.



Anglossssss fl

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Anglos one and anglos all. Off to work :neutral_face:

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Anglos everyone

In bed waiting for someone, anyone, to bring me tea.

Going to go up the scaffolding to clean the gutters, do some work, maybe a walk, football and make a proper dinner.

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Off it goes on a 10hr adventure

Time for breakfast


Angolos angolos angolos team.

Gabapentin really duxking with me this morning. Cant seem to get outta zeroth gear. Sitting with a coffeenin my chair and watxhing thenkids draw with thw pooch at my feet.

Evil @sean Adams has some news

Congrats sean thats ace pal

Stayed up til 3am trying to teach myself how to programme drums and had to get up at 7:30. I am somewhat tired.

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Woke up early for no reason. Could get up out of lovely warm bed and do things but also could just sleep for 2 more hours.

Hmm, what a choice…

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Angelos everyone, it’s dawned non-rainy here which is a pleasant surprise! Due to factors during the week I’m behind on two (2) deadlines which I need to catch up today, sigh. Will get out in the nice weather as well though.

Fuck, it looks nice outside. That means 'er indoors will probably try to persuade me to go outdoors.

Anglos a Sunday nerds, siracha hipsters, and friends “from gigs”.

Feel hungover today, despite not having drank for like 4 years or something. Must be lack of sleep.

Making veggie sausage rolls later with some pastry that’s past its use by date, delicious. That’s if I ever manage to stop making breakfasts for M. Three bowls of cereal so far and now she wants toast and jam.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Watching Dan TDM in 2020

Oh phew, there’s stuff that needs doing in the garden. That’s outdoors enough.