Hi Sunday

Luring in cats
Tending to cat mint
Back inside


Kid breakfast here lasts for hours, it’s like feeding a furnace! I woke up yesterday feeling I’d been on the heaviest sesh (reader, I had not been on a sesh). Tiredness is such a huge component of that feeling.

It’s like they’re designed to just get all their calories in first thing so they can refuse any vegetable based meals later in the day.


Awake since 5, again. Hilarious. Need to make a healthy but delicious dinner today, something to make Sunday great again. Any ideas?

Have you hacked my security camera

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Have you seen outdoors around here? It’s fucking rubbish. You can either go to some fields or an actual swamp.

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Oh god don’t get me started on my dog walk at not wicken fen yesterday. I grew up in the badlands of east anglia and even I thought it was bleak.

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Also means calories are delivered through jam, weetos, honey, Nutella etc. Clever really.


Still think the highlight of my “glamorous places I visit to play penoid card games” series on Instagram is this shot near the place that’s not quite in Bury St Edmunds


Constable’s land, Suffolk.

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Waiting in for delivery of a vacuum cleaner.

That might be the most boring sentence I’ve ever written.

The sundayest of Sundays.


Anglos all!

I had a lie in so woke up feeling a touch dehydrated to hear Wor Lass and The Child arguing over breakfast options. In one of her regular acts of defiance, The Child has eaten almost nothing of an omelette and a bowl of multi grain rice crispie shapes. She’s coughing loads but I am now confident it isn’t Rona.

I’m very jealous of @rich-t’s stew. We’re having some kind of pasta soup tonight. I’ll probably eat leftover chilli for lunch as I made enough to feed a small village.

I need to plan two classes and put together a presentation for my job interview next week. I’m at that point of CBA where I might just withdraw so I don’t have to do it all.


Morning all

Lot of sleep last night.

No plans at all today.


Tell a lie, one of the bars on Burton road had set up on the pavement to do bratwurst. That’s lunch I think.


Just chilling in the garden


Morning all. Not in the mood today, although the weather is getting better. Watching fucking Paw Patrol with the lad (I fucking hate Paw Patrol) everyone else in the house is still asleep even the cat has just woken up and harassed me for breakfast, lazy sod.

Might go for a walk along the canal later.

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Happy Sunday one and all

Barbecue spatchcocked chicken with green vegetables for tea tonight. Not feeling too hungry for dinner after a whopping bacon sandwich for breakfast. I will likely eat my weight in crisps instead. You know, as a snack

FJM on the stereo. Fats Domino queued up after this. Might keep it an ‘F’ day


Back on my pancake grind

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The Child is certified Rona-free!