Hi there neighbour

Largely the latter.

Upstairs neighbors I dont know too well (The lady snapped at me once and slammed her door cause the postman rang both of our bells for a package for me and we both got to the door at the same time and she was like for fucks sake slam) but my housemate likes them. They have a tumble dryer in the room above mine which they put on at about 10pm at night and it’s very loud and that annoys me and keeps me awake. But then sometimes they also have sex in that room very loudly and they both yell AAAAAAHHHHHHH at the same time and it makes me feel uncomfortable. The room is the same size as my room so I am very confused as to whats up there as my room won’t fit a double bed and a tumbledryer in it. Also don’t think thats massively sexy having to look at a tumbledryer whilst having sex (the tumbledryer is never on during the sex which is why i can always hear their satisfaction noises).

I was going to say they’re doing sex on the dryer but it wouldn’t make much sense if it’s not turned on (lol turned on)

maybe next time you could join in with an AHHHHHHHHHHHH


It makes me cringe so hard just thinking about it.
That makes me feel really uncomfortable. It’s woken me up so many times and I’m just like thats so vile shut up everyone and have sex in silence

I was thinking yesterday that starting to be friends with a neighbour would be really bad. Because we’d probably be really pally and hang out at first and then I’d feel obligated to socialise, and then i’d get bored, or they’d get bored, but we’d still see each other all the time and I’d be worried they might come to the door, at any point and then WEWEREONABREAK

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On one side, never seen 'em. On the other side, a Polish family, man and woman and two young kids who’ve been living there for 15 years. The children are so quiet, remarkably so, not annoying at all. The man told us that we’re the most normal people who’ve lived in our flat since they’ve been living there. Which is a bit unnerving, to be fair. Considering what a couple of odd ones we can be.

yeah, a tumble dryer would really put me off my game. Now, a 3 tier minky would be a different story! AAAAHHHHHHHH


Couple in the flat below are well sound. One of them works for Festival Republic and the other See Tickets. They’ve given us free tickets to Citadel for the past 2 years. Have been down the pub a couple of times with them.


A few years ago the house next door to my bf’s Mum became available to rent and she rung us up asking if we wanted to consider it. NO. NONONO. I love her, she is the nicest woman you’ll ever meet and I am so happy she’s basically my Mum-in-law but by goodness she has no awareness of privacy. She was always bringing us tea, so much tea AND toast, and it was always at really awkward moments (ya know what I’m talking about) and she NEVER knocks on the door before coming in. This house is attached to hers and I knew it would just be awkward.

Next door on one side - racist nan. In her 90s but still fully mobile and compus, great with the kids and always buying them fruit/chocolates. Dislikes foreigns especially ‘The Chinese’ (anyone who isn’t white or black pretty much) but fortunately has finally worked out not to have these discussion with me. Takes in all of our parcels and I cut her lawn in return. Lifelong council tenant too.

Other side - two guys in a hilariously mismatched couple. One is super friendly and great for loaning tools and stuff, the other a total grunting weirdo who obsesses over our shared fence and plants/trees growing over therein. I’m not going to lie, having a gay, black, American (he’s the friendly one) as a next door neighbour makes me feel very cosmopolitan. Couple of doors down from them is an Eastenders main cast member.

Two doors down one way - newly moved in single mum with moody teenage son. She is great and has a really important, vulnerable people focused job. Next to her, the house is an Air BnB so we get a mix of nationalities around the place.

Two doors the other way - guy who bought the absolutely fucked house that had been converted into six bedsits and is in the process of converting it back into a house by himself. Has been going 17 months so far and the place looks like more of a wreck than when he started.

Opposite - Couple with a daughter same age as mine who we get on with really well and the kids play together/will start school together next month. Standard gentrifying middle class couple who have spent a ton on their house and are now moving out. Mini cab guy who washes his car a lot. And house that has an indeterminate number of members of the same family living in it - I reckon there’s about 9 or 10.

Where abouts do you live?

This might have to be a separate thread - “famous” neighbours. On my road we have the man who played Chalkie in Quarophenia, who was also in High Hopes, Vera Drake, Poldark, Whitechapel and others.

New Cross reprazent :fist:

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Not quite the same, but some friends of ours bought Richard Armitage’s house down the road when he moved to LA to be a famous screen person after the Hobbit films…

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Only been in my place a couple of months and not seen much of them, but I’d seen the girl from the flat opposite on the landing a few times (usually gassing on her phone whilst wearing not much) and nodded politely. Bumped into her in the car park on Sunday; she was unloading a shedload of stuff she had just bought and lugging it up the stairs so I gave her a hand. Spent about 10 mins to-ing and fro-ing to get it all shifted. Turns out she’s off to Sheffield to uni in a few weeks. Nice kid

you mean this guy?

Sam Tomkins. And various other rugby league players (who I don’t really know).

We’re on a corner so only really have neighbours directly on one side. They’re pretty nice, say hi and the kids are older and pretty friendly. Mum is a chronic online shopper so we often accept parcels for them but she’s pretty good at popping around before or after the kids bedtime so she knows the score really.

We have other people we chat to and say hi to opposite and behind but otherwise it’s fairly quiet.

My aunt and uncle live a few doors down from Trevor McDonald, and round the corner from Tim Vine.

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literally not a clue

Live in the ground floor flat of an old 2 floor Edwardian terrace. Woman who lives above is a total recluse. She’s only in her early 40s and she’s a corporate lawyer in the City. Pretty perfect person to live below (she never has anyone round, only very rarely leaves the flat) but it’s a bit odd. Last month I saw her for the first time in over a year and a half and we literally share the same front door (to the street obvs, not our individual flats).