Hi there!

haven’t been about much for a bit.

Everyone ok?

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what’s new?

produced, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time; not existing before

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not much man! oh, I just started Breath of the Wild last night, that’s new! how are things with you?

Hi Bam!

wanted to be snarky there but can’t bring myself as you’re such a nice guy.

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my old boss called me last night and I didn’t answer now he’s texted me I just don’t want to answer I know they’ll offer me a job and I’ll have to take it out of politeness but I don’t want to go back there. Now I’m feeling guilty like I’ve hurt his feelings.

Going to go for a run in a minute and try to forget about it.

I don’t have to contact him right?

Awwww :blush:

I’m doing good thanks - enjoying life in Leeds so far. I love being near the countryside.

nah of course not! do you know him socially outside of work at all? if not, no obligation to engage with any contact really

Hi Bammers!

Have a rough old time of it at the mo but desperately trying to be positive and get on with stuff. I’m seeing Melt Banana, Zu and Diamanda Galas in the space of 5 days so that should be something to feel excited about, shouldn’t it?

no not really. his boss called a couple of months back and was like “when are you coming back to work for us? Have you had enough of your music yet?” I kinda told him I don’t want them to keep a job open for me and if I wanted to come back I would reapply like anyone else cos I have some pathological problem with saying no and making people sad.

he’s tried to call me like 3 times since and I haven’t answered

yeah I don’t know who they are but that sounds great! You still making music these days? Always admired your passion for music and am eternally grateful that you got me into Farmer’s Market x

pfft that sounds like a lousy attitude on their part. I’d say ignore them, especially if you feel you might be pressured into going back if you do end up contacting them

how’s the music going these days?

Aww cheers man :slight_smile: that’s really nice to hear. Thank you. Yeah I’m still doing music with Pog and The Cravats, plus my own drone-y/ambient stuff. I’ve also got an audiovisual exhibition planned with my friend for later this year, I’m absolutely bricking it 'cos the art world is so alien to me.

You got any new music in the pipeline? Your last album was waaaay good.

well I need to start back up again, got a bit depressed cos I contacted BBC and whatevs and got nowhere.

I’ve ordered a new guitar now though so I hope that inspires me to pick myself back up.

am I following you on soundcloud? are you on soundcloud? would be cool to hear your stuff!

Thanks, glad you liked it! Keep trying to tell myself it was worth making and thje positive reception on here is the main reason.

Hoping when my flamenco guitar arrives I will be back in the “studio” with new tunes for you all very soon.

ok thanks How,

are you alright?

ah cool, enjoy the new guitar! :sunglasses: :guitar:

not sure if we follow each other but here you go…

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