2 people have come in hiccuping this morning since 9am. Just hold your breath for FFS sake, always works a charm with me. Any tried and tested methods your end? Does making somebody jump actually work?


Anyone who calls them “hiccoughs” is a Tory.


Hiccough?! Have a word


hiccough? mate.

what works for me is taking a mouthful of air and swallowing it. but do it really slowly and deliberately and feel it going into your belly.

100% success rate.


Ooft I’ll try this technique in future. Just end up holding my breath for as long as possible and it typically works. MIght give the old schnozz a bit of a pinch just to make sure.


When I get hiccups I do sometimes worry that I’ll never be able to stop them happening, and I’ll end up having them for years.

Like, when do you realise that your hiccups are going to last more than 10 minutes and could go on for 68 years?


Yeah, I take a deep breath, hold my nose and then keep swallowing until they stop. Sometimes, if I’m not in public, I’ll make sure my ears are blocked too.



Keep a bottle of peppermint cordial. Small glass of that, gone, Oldest trick in the book. Tastes dreadful, like, but…


nothing really stops hiccuping from happening though. you just distract yourself with placebo “cures” that you’re convinced will work until they go away on their own. that’s my #hottake anyway.