Hidden Tracks

Turns out there’s one at the end of the CD version of Chat and Business by Ikara Colt.

Gave me a right start. I’ve listened to the CD about 20 times and this is the first time I’ve heard it. It’s good though.

Must be loads of others…

I like hidden tracks. I’m trying to convince my band to have one on our next release.

Hidden tracks:
  • Yeah, cool!
  • LAME

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Used to hate them - so much faff editing them out into their own track to put on an iPod, and loads of them were rubbish or pointless anyway.

Now loads are missing from Spotify (eg the Ikara Colt one) and that’s equally annoying.

Still pretty glad they’ve been consigned to the dustbin of history though.


Make them ALL hidden tracks. That would be real cool.


One of the best hidden songs of all time.


Mate, if you knew how unorganised we were you would realise how triggering this comment is. Might as well make them all hidden tracks and not even bother, bunch of useless arseholes so we are.

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If songs hidden after multiple silent tracks count, Sci Fi Lullaby by Silversun Pickups is a great one.

I know they’re not very popular here but I always loved this one by Live.


311 - Fuck the Bullshit

This one was especially annoying as you had to rewind from the start of the album (can’t do it in my car).


I remember this one from Travis’ The Man Who. Used to be obsessed with this one.


(there were two other hidden tracks - Jack Names The Planets and Don’t Know at the beginning of some of the CDs as well)


Was going to post this too, easily the best thing they have ever recorded.


Always very irritating when you’d rip a CD and see that the last song was 15 minutes long and think it was an epic album closer, only to discover it was a 4 minute song, 7 minutes of silence and then a badly recorded B-side.


Best song on the album. Great tune

Oops, @Marwood has this covered already


Always thought they were really pointless, even 20-30 years ago in peak CD era when you can easily tell from the digital display track numbers or duration. Makes more sense on a tape or record I think. Sure you call tell by looking at a record’s grooves, but you’re also likely to let a record spin for a while before getting up to flip it, change it, or turn it off.

How about a 15-minute track after 60 1-second silent tracks. At least it’s already isolated from the silence.


Makes sense it being hidden too

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Best song on the album. Not really a fan of the hidden track otherwise. Never seem like a pleasant surprise - more of a shameful secret!