When was the last time you had to hide, or chose to hide? Why?

I love hiding and shit. I remember one time when I was at my ex’s parents place, and she was getting ready for a night out so I decided to hide in the cupboard where I knew the shoes she was going to wear that night were. Thing is, I vastly underestimated how long it’d take her to get ready and was in there for about 25 minutes. I could even hear them having a conversation wondering where I was, but had committed by that point so stayed in there. By the time she actually came in, I’d gotten myself so excited that I basically gave a murderous screech when I jumped out, which resulted in her being so scared she started convulsing and fell over.


I love it! We lived in a 27 bedroom mansion when I was at uni and I remember trying to get a game of sardines going but nobody cared, the bastards

Think I was hiding from my sister the other week, I pretended to be a pile of laundry with a sheet over me (it could have been my brother, I just didn’t want anyone to know I was bunking off work :pensive:)


LOVE this kind of thing!!! I was the master of hide and seek when I was little!!

Years ago a bunch of my friends got to stay at this hunting lodge and we played sardines in the dark!! Someone accidentally got punched, another fell down the stairs. It was brutal but SO FUN


One of my old housemates was an absolute bastard for hiding and jumping out to scare you. Truly ridiculous level of commitment to the bit. He would be in your wardrobe or behind a door or whatever for fucking ages sometimes.

Worse one was when there was work being done on our building that meant there was scaffolding up, he climbed out his window onto the scaffolding first thing in the morning and silently shimmied round to my other housemate’s window (a story below his) ready to terrify him when he opened his curtains. Fucking brilliant.


Have to play hide and seek all the time with the nephews. They’re absolutely shit at it though and give themselves away by giggling.




Oh my god, I would be so on edge always. I shit myself whenever the door buzzer goes


The first thought I think of whenever I enter a big house is ‘ripe for sardines, this’. I am a 32 year old male man.


You’re not familiar with sardines?


never enjoyed hide and seek
too tense


big fan of hiding. spent hours under tables and stuff.


We used to play it in my garden too!! We had a time limit for if you hadn’t been found and if that was the case then you had to run back to base without being caught! I pegged it screaming after my friend trying to stop her from reaching base until I saw she’d fallen out of a tree and on to a barbed wire fence and was a bit bleedy :grimacing: I let her get to base after that.


Played sardines in a ruined castle in Wales a few years ago. Most people got found within 10 minutes which was fine and then one super competitive eejit was found an hour later clinging to the outside wall of the castle in amongst some bushes.


There’s always one isn’t there and they’re inevitably in the attic or on the fucking roof.


I remember playing hide & seek with Andy, Paul and Andy II when we were kids. Paul lived in a really big old house with loads of hiding places so we all went off and Andy was on. None of us liked Andy II (he was a stuck-up posho) so unbeknownst to him the rest of us crept downstairs and watched tv and left him in a wardrobe all morning


It was something of a living nightmare


I feel a bit like this with the tv. Whenever he goes to genuinely give me a hug or a kiss or whatever I flinch because there’s been so many times where he’s pretended to do so and then tickled me instead or licked my face :roll_eyes: he has a knack for creeping up on me when I’m doing the dishes. Aaaaaarrrgghhhh


Being a parent of a toddler, I find myself hiding a fair bit. Sometimes just behind doors, but other times Jimbo wants to play “hiding”. There’s enough cushions in the lounge to completely cover him, but he also wants me to hide too and it doesn’t quite work.


i am not. sounds fun.


Yeah, same. Every night when I come in it’s “Oh no. Where is he?! Must still be at nursery!” with him sat on the couch with his hands on his eyes.

Him the other night when I told him it was time for his bath and he ran out the back door…