That’s brilliant. I remember a mate hiding in another mates wardrobe wearing ski googles and holding a feather duster. Was in there for ages. My mate asked me to grab something from the wardrobe for him, so I opened it and saw him just standing in there. Took ages for my brain to register WTF was happening. He just tapped me with the duster and I shrieked so loud his Mum came in to check what was going on.


It’s so simple but it’s always, ALWAYS funny if you’re the person doing it or observing it being done.

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Yes. The purest comedic tension. Everyone trying not to laugh. The exact the timing of when to ask the stooge to open the door.

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what are we looking at? that’s a plant mate. and a bit of a hose or something.

In home economics once (which was the main subject at school for just taking the piss), a boy in my class got into the jacket cupboard before the teacher arrived, and waited there the entire class, this was the last period before lunch that day.

55 minutes he was in there for, just to launch out screaming “AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH” at the teacher when she opened that door at the end.

The Master of Disguise!

Getting into the boot of a car was always a committed move when playing hide and seek, because you’re in there until you’re found.



I often hide in the toilets at work, just to get away from everyone for awhile


i hide in bed every night

Last week I hid in my girlfriend’s walk-in wardrobe (very similar to OP).

The surprise was perfect. 10/10 Lynn.

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This one is brilliant. I think it’s the fact he just stood there rather than jumping out that does it.

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Your corpse is found weeks later. “Bravo.”


There’s a great episode of Inside No 9 based around a game of Sardines. If you can find it, it’s well worth a watch.


Wasn’t this the first one? With Tim Key?

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That should be photo number two in the album to show prospective daughter-in-law candidates.

[Number one is the traditional baby dick pic obvs]

Love a good hide!

Last time I did it, I climbed on top of the wardrobe in our hotel room while the TV was in the shower. She didn’t spot me for ages and I was trying so hard to contain my giggles.

I hid upstairs and played Shadowrun Returns while some people watched the England game the other night, if that counts?

That’s more sequestering, isn’t it?

Got a 4 year old, so pretty heavily in to hide and seek at the moment. She’s getting good at hiding, but can’t stay quiet long enough to real nail it.

When I was a kid I once hid in my dad’s wardrobe. Used his cricket box as mask for when I jumped out. Had no idea what it was, much to my parents’ amusement.

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