Got a 4 year old, so pretty heavily in to hide and seek at the moment. She’s getting good at hiding, but can’t stay quiet long enough to real nail it.

When I was a kid I once hid in my dad’s wardrobe. Used his cricket box as mask for when I jumped out. Had no idea what it was, much to my parents’ amusement.




When I was a kid, on school days I got into the habit of trying to sneak downstairs when I heard my dad go off to make his morning coffee. Then I would try to get as close as possible to him in the kitchen without him noticing, hiding under tables and chairs and stuff, until finally doing the big reveal, hopefully producing a satisfactorily alarming noise from him.

Thing is though, I did this every day. Once I got older I realised it probably wasn’t the big surprise I’d been banking on. Then again my dad is a bit dim.