Hierarchies of weather

  1. Sunny and Fresh/cool
  2. Snowing Heavily
  3. cloudy but bright
  4. Thunder/Lightning
  5. Heavy rain
  6. Sunny but baking hot
  7. Mizzling
  8. Post-snow slush
  9. Bloody windy
  10. Hailstorm
  11. Grey and depressing
  1. Should be sunny and pleasantly warm with a gentle breeze
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Thunder and lightning too 3 for me

Sunny and cold
Grey and windy and rainy
Cloudy and a bit sunny
Very rainy
Sunny and hot

forgot about that one, slotted it in at 4 :slight_smile:

wow you really hate snow huh?

Would concur but would put snow above V rainy, otherwise I vote in favour of this resolution

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Yeah it’s just really inconvenient when you do a job that won’t be affected by it and will still need to get to. Plus it’s good for about 10 minutes before it goes all slushy and sloppy.

but those 10 minutes!

also snow day at school!

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I am no longer at school.


Haha no apology necessary Bammo, I’m just not a snow fan. Sunny and very cold is by far the best weather though.

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Good sun, like 25-30 degrees
Golden autumn sunny days
Crispy ice days, crunching the frost
Spring springing
Revolting mizzle and rain

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can’t imagine anything good about it being windy


It’s 35C and 80% humidity here most days at the minute. It’s brutal. Then there’s a massive thunderstorm at 5pm or overnight for about an hour then it starts getting hotter and more humid again.

  • Hot weather person
  • Cold weather person

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I don’t know how to answer this, I cope better with the cold but I need sunshine to keep my mood stable


Sunny and 22 degrees is the perfect weather conditions. However when I’m at work it can piss it down as far as I care as long as its nice for the evening and weekend

I also love fresh snow but I live in a very hilly area so it rapidly becomes less fun.

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just makes everything in my headphones sound shit

Which is precisely why;

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