High Fives

yeah impressive he managed to say that without a word

Does one hand remain static while the other moves, or do they both move to make contact? Have you ever missed a self-five?

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only tend to high five when moonwalking

You better believe it, punky my love!
Ya gal worm has mad skills

Left hand stays static, otherwise that’s just doing a big clap
And we both know I’ve missed a fair few self-fives

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Glad to hear it, this was my biggest concern.

The best and worst thing about a self-five is that no-one is around to see you mess it up

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I have given 4 high fives within the last hour

Every game of table football ends with a round of high fives

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do you give lessons?

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my friend does low fives all the time. one thing he likes doing is a really soft low five. it’s weird at first, but now I find it comfortingly familiar.


there’s that then.

me and my old housemate used to high five as we were walking past each other and then low five on the rebound, we used to practice it in the house so that we could do it in the street without a word to each other. like we’d just see each other walking in the opposite direction, make the briefest of eye contact to make sure we were both thinking the same thing and then act like we didn’t know each other and just high five and then rebound low five as we walked past each other. the talk of wrexham, we were




If I saw that in the street I’d be in absolute AWE of the cool cats who did that


can we start doing this please

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it’s going to take a lot of practice before we’re the talk of wrexham


we’ll have to condense all our practise into the next few times we hang. Mclusky gig, maybe? that seems like an apt way to spend such a gig.


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I really look forward to a song on the next* *Mclusky album called ‘Highfiving Internet Nerds’ or something.

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I hadn’t given a high five in quite a while until The Child learned how to do them and now I do them most days around mealtimes to celebrate an empty plate.

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