High profile friendships that have ended

Inspired by Big Cass’ heinous actions with Enzo Amore last night on WWE Raw this is a thread about friendships going sour

Number 1:

Number 2

Number 3

Now you post some…

(sorry for the buzzfeed link but)

(but then they made up)

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Yes, eighty three million seven hundred and forty six thousand seven hundred and twenty five? Can I help?

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No idea who 1 and 3 even are.

But this title made me remember that Euro or World Cup where Nike paid for all those ‘FRIENDSHIP ENDS’ posters and then did a jokey reverse psychology one in the hope it would make England win. And I thought you would appreciate this memory, Tony.



I do appreciate it, thank you.

(It’s Drake and Josh from Drake and Josh and Lauren and Heidi from The Hills obviously)

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No, they are still friends.

I have never heard of Josh and Drake. The only Drake I know of is that super-hot musical artist who everyone loves.

I have heard ‘The Hills’ mentioned. I think it’s one of those absolutely dreadful scripted-reality shithouse shows like Made in Chelsea so I wouldn’t even bother, sorry.

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First thing I thought of when I saw the thread, glad those guys are BFFs again

It’s THE absolutely dreadful scripted-reality shithouse show Theodore, not just “one of those” absolutely dreadful scripted-reality shithouse shows…

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Ooh, I’ve got one. Madonna and Rupert Everett.

I don’t think I would recognise Rupert Everett if I passed him in the street, would you?

@anon5266188 & @anon29812515

ant chased him away :cry:

Swifto and Pezzer used to be mates right?


I’m fairly confident I would, unless he was wearing a hat or something

Good suggestion, thank you.

I didn’t! I miss him dearly!

Who is the most famous person that you know what they look like who you think you wouldn’t recognise if you passed them in the street?

God, he’s such a self-righteous prick isn’t he.

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