High Roof

You got access to a high roof that you can view the urban sprawl from, Luther-style?

I don’t but would like to.

I think you can get out onto the plant roof.

Not that much sprawl to look at in Hertfordshire, though.

Just put Club Foot on

I’ll accept anything over say five storeys irrelevant of the view. You also shouldn’t really be going up there.

I can do better than this. I have access to a high roof where I can observe Canary Wharf over the top of the O2 dome, outside which for most of the day they like to play Club Foot.

I live at the top of a hill.

It’s difficult to see sprawl though because the land is U shaped with a river at the bottom.

you can view the urban sprawl from the top layer (?) of that car park near the arndale, so i’ll say yes

Bit of a mixed answer from me

At work, nah - it’s only four floors up.

At our London office that I very rarely go to: yes. I can get to the roof and it’s very high.

At home, cracking view as we’re at the top of a hill (see pic below that doesn’t do it justice), but not very Loofa.

I’ll take a photograph from my office window tomorrow when it’s proper daylight again. Don’t let me forget.

No. Well my bedroom had a nice view over a valley.

But I love the view over London from Crystal Palace/Upper Norwood. Specifically down the side road by the Library.

sometimes being up on a roof looking out like that makes me feel a bit weird, kind of like you’re not sure if you need a poo or not


I get that just from films or YouTube clips - not from inside buildings but when people are doing dumb stuff on the edges of high buildings or mountain sides.

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not a building, but the view from the fields about 5 mins away from our flat is p good

I had assumed that was banned due to the structural risk that song could cause?

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You can’t go out out on that roof!

I always need a poo

Yeah but if you stood there with a contemplative 1000 yard stare with your great coat flapping in the wind… well it just wouldn’t be right. You need the isolation, the feeling of trespass.

Looks like there is a woman reading a book with her dog there! No go!

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This is the view from my bedroom, I like it.