High school reunions

Any of you cunts ever been to one? I saw someone trying to organise one on Facebook a couple of years or so ago and about five people replied and the organiser got all annoyed. Just has no appeal whatsoever, do they ever actually happen or are they something that only happens in works of fiction?

We have one every Xmas pretty much.

Absolutely not


Think having no interest in going to one is a good sign of being content with your adult life.


I would never

they tried to organise our 10 year one a few years back, a couple of the lads/soft bully types are now estate agents and sent out very estate agent like correspondence to try to get everyone to go

didn’t happen. wouldn’t go.


Last thing I’d do. Somehow, loads of people I went to school with have done really well. There’s no way on earth I’d put myself in a situation where people ask me what I’ve been doing for the last twenty years when the answer is ‘having a few pints and posting on the internet’.

Find it awkward enough seeing a good mate I hadn’t seen for like 6 months

Once me and my mate went It was at Dukes 92 we didn’t speak to anyone had few drinks and we went and watched Alabama Shakes at that Methodist Church on Oldham Street. Only went cause the gig didn’t have a bar.

The only other time I might have gone was that a couple of us thought it might be fun to go to one of the yearly meals so everyone booked to go then me and the now Mrs Roughyed were moving into our new flat on that day so couldn’t make it.

Much like school proms they are things that nobody outside of the US did until 2010 and now people are weirdly insistent have always been a thing here.


We called our prom the “leavers do”. It’s now referred to as prom isn’t it, I hate that.


popularised by the 2007 peep show episode imo

I think most of the girls I went to high school with still live where we grew up and are still friends with each other. Most of them are teachers now.

They tried to organise a 10 year one and loads of people were like “lol, why would we choose to come back to that shithole and spend time with you?!” So they haven’t bothered since.

Considered it but ended up going to see that French lad who plays the Space Harrier theme on the drums at Sneaky Pete’s instead.

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I think this hints at the motivation behind them - am opportunity for lots of LOOK HOW SUCCESSFUL I AM :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Senior school

I’m in touch with a decent number of my friends from school and used to bump into the peripheral non-offensive ones when I used to come home at Xmas.

I probably would be interested in attending one but more out of morbid curiosity than anything else.

I’m too much of an embarrassing failure to really get out of them what I’d most want to. I always said if there was one, I’d attend in an astronaut costume and tell people I had to rush there straight from work


I’d be mildly interested to go but would probably not. I wouldn’t particularly enjoy seeing some of the nastier people.