High Street Honeys

Do you eat honey? If so, what’s your favourite honey? The best honey I have ever had was some local stuff in France that was really crystalline and solid, but tasted like flowers.

Basically, I’d like some recommendations for nice honey that can ideally be purchased on the high street or in a big shop.

Spend £850 a jar on manuka, obviously.

I really dislike that perfumey honey aftertaste and yet I keep choosing honey beers and mead whenever I get the chance. I think I might be an idiot.

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Just tastes like wax, cheers

Also, too expensive. Do I look like I’m made of honey?

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I squeezed some rowse honey over my roasting chanterey carrots on Tuesday night.


Keep coming close to stopping at hamlets where there’s a sign saying ‘local honey. Eggs.’ for some real authentic honey experience.

Bit worried I might get murdered though


Love a honey beer, especially on a hot summer afternoon.

also, wasn’t this a Davina McCall show in the 90s? Sounds like it should have been.

No, it was that FHM thing.

I believe it was a feature in FHM magazine. Local lasses in their underwear. Apparently. So I’m told.

But this is literally about actual honey, one of most delicious things you can buy on the high street.

ah. Alright Disser with FHM collection

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I’m not sure if I like it or not.

Had a strong Polish honey lager from the corner shop a while back, that was quite good.

Weird that there aren’t any honey flavoured or honey based sweets IMO

I know, it should be an obvious slam dunk. More honey flavoured items please!

Honey soy chicken is one of our week night dinner staples. Doesn’t really taste of honey though, which is an obvious benefit.

The honey is from Ocado.

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Is it fancy honey (like Valencian Orange Blossoms or something) or just Ocado Honey?

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey

I reckon they might have preferred honey


It’s squeezy honey. I’m not a honey expert but I imagine it’s not at all fancy.

Sounds nice though, I’ll put it in my spreadsheet