High Street Honeys

Well, now I know better. I take back my earlier request for recommendations

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everyone should read the bee book

I haven’t read the thread so apologies if this has already been said but sprinkling sesame seeds on toast with honey is really tasty.
Hardly ever eat honey though cos hardly ever have toast.
You’re welcome everyone.

Forest honey is my favourite readily available stuff. The Asda’s finest one especially though they don’t always do it. It’s from pine trees and I believe not gathered by bees but other insects. I’ve not fact checked this of course.

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Best use of honey is Pain d’epices:

Worst use of honey is when it’s drizzled on goats cheese on a tart or something

Might have to get some baklava for afternoon snack

That sounds really nice and maybe not as hideously cruel as I have now found out honey is

Honey 2 the bee
That’s u 4 me

Local honey isn’t cruel, that I know of, buy from a local beekeeper. Might take more sourcing but here there’s a few shops and actually museum gift shops often sell it too. But yeah, honey isn’t vegan for the cruelty aspect.

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Walthamstow has a local honey man who’s business is called…

Local Honey Man


I think you’re thinking of Street Date, or whatever it was called?

Foul tasting stuff.



We’re playing a festival in Greece called Street Mode this month and I keep calling it Street Mate festival


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This is such a wrongheaded way to look at it. Honey bees have, like dogs, formed quite a bond with us, as we help them stay healthy. Even non producing apiaries are massively environmentally beneficial.

Taking their honey isn’t a band thing. I actually don’t really know why vegans are against it, when the apiaries are designed to allow bees to just do their natural thing.

they’d only waste it.